Lake District Recordings – Dalegarth Train Journey

Whilst in the Lake District, we took a ride on a small train track through the country from Ravenglass to Dalegarth. We had the option of riding a steam train or a diesel train but as my father’s a diesel fan, we opted for the latter. The journey lasted for about an hour and ran through some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. What’s more, I got to capture some cool recordings! I had a bit of trouble getting the right level for these recordings because of the range of different sounds the microphone picked up. Being so sensitive, the DR-05’s condensers were picking up every nook and cranny and with so much metal clanking around, when I often thought I had a good level, it would suddenly clip as the train’s joints would strike or the wheels would hit a bump in the track. The DR-05 can be a little frustrating as the monitoring level is not always an accurate reflection of what is being recorded. Often when it suggests it’s clipping and I turn it down, I then upload them to the PC and listen to discover they were absolutely fine and could have done with being a bit louder. It’s just a case of me getting to know the recorder, as is always the case when you pick up a new bit of gear, but needless to say I got some usable material.

As mentioned in my introduction post about these Lake District recordings (see here), places like this are rampant with tourists but thankfully I was able to get a carriage right at the front that was empty, which meant I could capture all of the detail of the engine and keep my door open to capture the wheels on the track without disturbing anyone else or having anyone talking over the recording. The trip went up to Dalegarth and back again and whilst we had a quick break in Dalegarth, I could listen back to what I had recorded to see if anything was indeed clipping. There were a few things I wanted to change and I adjusted my recorder to suit, but then unfortunately couldn’t get an empty carriage on the way back and struggled to get recordings without other passengers talking. A common dilemma when recording things like this!

Problems aside, this was great fun to record and ultimately I was happy with the end result. Whilst the DR-05 isn’t perfect for things like this, it certainly does a good job for the money it costs. The thing that I love most is that is does pick up a lot of fine detail and every take I did had its own unique elements which is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to editing! I’ve attached a link below to some snippets of what I recorded and, as always, comments and feedback are appreciated. Enjoy!

Listen here:

And a picture to boot:


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