Lake District Recordings – SHEEP!

This was such a chuckle to record. Taking a walk up in Dalegarth through the gorgeous forests, I came across a huge field of sheep that you cross to get to the public footpath. The sheep were fairly quiet on the first walk through, keeping to their own business. On the way back, I found myself in the middle of full-blown sheep chitchat. I’ve never heard sheep baa like this before and I had to have iron lips to stop myself laughing over these recordings. The thing that I loved the most was how scattered the sheep were so it provided a full 360 effect with them baaing to each other from every direction. As with all of my Lake District recordings, these were caught on my Tascam DR-05. I didn’t have much to consider when recording this, the sheep did everything for me and I simply stood in the middle and hit record. It was definitely a memorable experience and although a few recordings got affected by a plane flying over ahead and other extraneous sounds, I was really pleased at how this came out!

For these uploads, I haven’t edited out any hiccups or interruptions as I wanted to show the raw recordings how they are. As a result, you may hear the occasional footsteps or button click (particularly at the beginning) as I adjust the recorder levels. For actual use (whatever that use may be), I would edit these out to create an unblemished version!

So, without further ado, I present the Dalegarth Sheep Experience.


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