Lake District Recordings – The Thunderstorm

If there’s one thing I love, it’s thunderstorms and if there’s one thing I love even more, it’s recording them! Whilst in the Lake District, I was bizarrely thrilled to find out we were due a thunderstorm and got prepped to record it. The thunderstorm started to brew on the horizon and whilst parked up in the van, I had a great view of it approaching from the distance. Ominous black clouds hung over and I sat out of the window of the van watching the lightning scattering between them, it was mind-blowing!

Annoyingly, the thunderstorm didn’t reach us until the early hours of the morning when I was fast asleep, but conveniently a huge clap of thunder woke me up which was obviously a greater force not wanting me to miss out on the opportunity! Sleepy eyed, I fumbled for my recorder and popped on my headphones. As it was absolutely pouring outside and I had no cover for my recorder, I couldn’t brave recording it outside, but I did snag some cool recordings of it from inside the van. Having the rain thundering on the roof of the van instead of on the ground created a different recording altogether and one that I was still chuffed with. I find it quite cosy to listen to, remembering how snug I was tucked up in blankets whilst the storm raged outside.

As always, I’ve included a link. Check it out below!


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