Lake District Recordings – Ambiences

Being in an ambient place, it only made sense to record some ambiences and the Lake District was full of them. The battle was finding the ambiences that wouldn’t be impacted by surrounding tourists, vehicles, planes, wind etc (the usual field recording issues!). Dalegarth was a fantastic area for ambiences as, despite its beautiful natural walks, it was extremely quiet on the tourist front. As well as the waterfall and stream recordings, I caught several ambient soundscapes whilst walking through the forest. The trees were full of birds that were busy chatting away to one another, and so the first one I did was a mixture of a stream and bird ambience. Once again, these ambiences were recorded on my Tascam DR-05 (with my nifty pink sock over the mics as a temporary wind guard).

Another gorgeous place we visited before going to the Lake District was the Isle of Arran. A picturesque island off of the West coast of Scotland, it was not unlike the Lake District with its scenic walks, rivers and streams and also had some rolling hills and beaches to boot. Unfortunately, the Isle of Arran’s main road runs around the entire circumference of the island and so many of the streams and sea openings I wanted to record were affected by passing traffic, and also tractors working away in the fields. However, after doing some more out-of-the-way hill walks, I recorded some nice rain ambience in one of the forests, and also some waterfalls which can be heard here!

Ambiences are definitely something that I plan to experiment with more in the future. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to go somewhere and take home a listenable souvenir of somewhere that you’ve been. Whilst I found the ambiences some of the hardest recordings to do from an extraneous noise perspective, I was happy with what I have had for a first attempt and will keep this updated with any I do in the near future!


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