Know Your Arsenal: Investing Time vs Money

Anyone interested in audio can often feel intimidated by the amount of technology it involves. Composers and sound designers in particular can find it easy to become lost in the sea of plugins, sound libraries and virtual instruments that are available for purchase. It’s easy to buy everything that you set your eyes on, convinced it will push you above the competition or bring you closer to your idols, but not all of us have such financial luxury. Software is expensive, incredibly expensive if you want high quality, so what do you do when you don’t have the money?

I recently did a talk for the wonderful VideoBrains event that takes place monthly at the Secret Weapon pub in Stratford, London. Here, I’ve included the slides in the hope that it will be of use to those that sometimes feel pressured or disheartened about not having every library under the sun. It takes time to build up your software, and it is imperative that you learn how to really make the most out of the software that you do buy. You will be surprised at what results you can achieve, what skills you can improve upon and what problems you can solve by knowing how to use your gear. Time is money after all, so invest it!


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